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What Are You Wearing This Fall?

What Are You Wearing This Fall?

I have been reading all the fall fashion magazines, trying to figure out my must have, need it and whistle dixie lists. By way of explanation, whistle dixie means that there is no possible way I can afford anything on this list, but a girl can always wish!

I have been doing this since I picked up my first copy of Vogue magazine. I was ten years old. I was hooked and have been a faithful subscriber for many years. Picking up the September issue, it always felt like a new year was about to begin, with new clothes, new accessories and a fresh new outlook on life, a feeling that I can get anything accomplished.

Lately I have been wondering why I need a magazine (or the internet) telling me what will be on trend or in this season. I have always been able to figure out the clothing and accessories that look good on me, that fit my body type, that makes me happy.

I have always gone for the classic, the timeless pieces that I seem to go to again and again in my closet. I may have too much of the color black, as my husband and friends always claim. But I am confident, secure and happy in my choices. I hope that you are too.

A little side note — here is one of the trends that is supposed to be big for the fall/winter of 2011. I think Jane Fonda, at the age of 73, looks smashing in Stella McCartney, trend or no trend!

I have listed some beautiful pieces of antique and vintage jewelry. So, please take a look, enjoy and have fun with my new listings.