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Tassel Necklaces

Tassel Necklaces

Move over, graduation caps and drapery tiebacks; tassels are back in style. Tassels have been used in clothing since the 14th century as a status symbol, differentiating between the military and religious professions. When King Tutankhamun’s tomb was unearthed in 1922, a necklace with a lunar pectoral was found, consisting of ten bead tassels attached to a lotus flower.

The popular necklace of the 1920’s was the sautoir, a long rope decorated with a pendant. It was produced in many different materials, including pearls, diamonds and coral and was very popular with the fashionable low waisted dresses of the time. Coco Chanel began designing “illusion jewelry” better known as costume jewelry which became all the rage. One of her designs was a long necklace which ended in a beaded tassel. This design became known as “flapper beads.”

I especially like the goldtone tassel necklaces. When added to a chunky sweater or a knit dress, or even a white tee shirt or button down, it’s perfection. My favorite way to wear a tassel necklace is at night with a little black dress, especially if you go dancing. Sway girl, sway!