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Charmed, I’m Sure

Charmed, I’m Sure

My favorite piece of vintage jewelry is my sterling charm bracelet. I purchased the bracelet (circa 1950’s) and then slowly added the sterling charms. Each charm has a special significance to me and date from 1890 to the 1960’s. Here are some examples of my charms:

Love token dated 1890 with my initials, JEB.
Statue of Liberty and New York State in blue (my favorite color) because I was born in NYC.
A gondola which reminds me of our trip to Venice (very romantic!)
The state of Florida, because my family lives there and my younger son attends university there.
A crown (I’ve been told that I am somewhat of a “princess”.)
A megaphone – I wanted to be a cheerleader in high school and never made it.
A mailbox because for two years my husband and I wrote letters to each other (we were in a long distance relationship) until we got married. Boy, am I dating myself.
A golf club and golf bag – my only “C” in college, not very athletic, I’m afraid.

I could go on and on. Each charm is very special.

My mother owned a gorgeous, big, chunky gold charm bracelet that my father gave her. He would buy her charms for birthdays, anniversaries and the birth of their children. I love that bracelet and I have inherited it.
One of my favorite charms on the bracelet is a gold shoe with a pearl in the shoe. My father gave this to my mother when I was born. The bottom of the shoe is engraved with my name.

That is why charm bracelets are so special to me. They are composed of memories.

It occurred to me that other people may have the same desire to remember their past, present and future by wearing their own charm bracelet. I would be more than willing to assist in finding special charms that are meaningful to you which could them be assembled into a bracelet. If you would like me to help, please e-mail me at